It is 9:00 am back at the Sheraton when John wakes up and looks out the window at the walkers below. “How did this happen?” He asks himself. John goes into the bathroom to take a shower when the power flickers off. He hops out and opens the door to the hallway. “That must be it for power.” He says to himself as he puts on his sheriffs hat. John grabs his flashlight and loads his shotgun then walks out into the hallway.

John heads to the stairway down to floor one, he misses the sign above that says emergency lock failure. John starts to head for floor one.

Surprisingly he does not run into any walkers on the way down. When he finally gets to the bottom he opens the door to the lobby.

When John opens the door he sees the walkers still there luckily they don’t notice him there. “Bang!” John freezes because when he closed the door his gun fell and shot a round. Slowly the walkers begin to advance him. “Oh shit.” John says as he grabs his gun. He starts to run up the stairs because the door handle was hit with the bullet. He runs back up to floor 26 and closes the door to the stairs and brakes the handle. He bolts back to the room to wake up Jack and Sam.

“Wake up!” John yells as he grabs the sniper rifle. “What’s wrong?” asks Sam. “There is about fifty walkers after us, we only have a few minutes before they get here.” John explains. “That’s good.” Says Sam. “We can take the elevator down when they are not there.” She continues. “Powers out.” Explains John. “Well then there is no way out, where are they now?” asks Sam. “stairs” answers John. “Only one way out” he says. “We are going to have to climb.” He explains. “Climb what?” asks Jack. “You’ll see.” Exclaims John. John loads the sniper rifle and aims it at the antenna legs. “BANG, BANG!”

John shoots both legs and the antenna starts falling towards the hotel. Suddenly Jack notices that it is falling straight towards them. “Get down!!!” Yells Jack.

John, Sam and Jack dive to the floor as the antenna crashes into the hotel stopping right above their heads. “Lets go!” exclaims John as he grabs the guns. “SMASH, SMASH, SMASH.”

John looks at the door of the room. “They are coming!” he yells. John lifts Jack and Sam up on the antenna. “Ok, lay down and climb up like a ladder.” John exclaims. As they are climbing up to the building that the antenna is from a fighter jet bombs the streets below and knocks the antenna out of place. “Shit, CLIMB!” yells John when the antenna starts swinging around.

John gets to the building and helps Sam up. “AHHH!” Jack screams as a walker grabs his foot. John sees that there were walkers following them up as they were climbing.

“Hold on!” Yells John as he jumps back on the antenna. John pumps his shotgun and shoots the walker holding Jack. “Grab my hand!” John exclaims. John helps Jack up the antenna. When John gets to the top his hat falls off. “Got it!” Says Jack as he lifts himself the edge. Jack caught the hat of his head. “Might wanna shoot them.” Explains Sam. John pumps the shotgun but doesn’t shoot the walkers, but instead shoots the other two antenna legs making the antenna fall down into the streets.

“Why did they bomb the streets?” Jack asks.

I don’t know.” Exclaims John. “we should probably get going before the building collapses.” Explains Sam. “Yeah that’s the best bet we ha--.” Suddenly a helicopter flies up to the building and someone tells them to get in and hurry up. They all jump in and fly off watching as the skyscrapers of New York burn to the ground as it would look after a nuclear bomb had gone off.


As the human race starts to burn out, the group is on a helicopter headed for Albany where the survivors are grouping to keep safe. “You’re the only ones that survived New York, all the others were killed.” Said a man in US army gear. “How did this happen so quick?” John asks the man. “When people started loosing their entire family they started committing suicide, most did not know how it works, the others got bit or were killed with the bombs.” Replies the man. “How what works?” asks Jack. “The virus, you don’t know? If you don’t destroy the brain you will come back no bite needed.” Answers the man. “So why are we going to populated areas?” asks Sam. “The word is that my medics are working on a cure, should be any time now.” He says. “By the way my name is Paul Thomas, I’m the captain for this team.” He exclaims.

“I’m John Turner, this is Samantha Ralie, and Jack.” Exclaims John. “Nice to meet you.” Says Paul.

Over the next twenty minutes or so John talks to Paul while Sam learns more about Jack. “So what’s your full name?” Sam asks Jack. “Middle name is Billy after my older brother who is eighteen, and my last name is Price.” Answers Jack. “I’m from Alaska.” He continues. “That’s where my sister Silvia lives.” Exclaims Sam. “That’s cool.” Says Jack who is falling asleep.

Sam notices that it is already nighttime.

“There It is.” Exclaims Paul as he points at a landing strip. “Wait, what is that?” He says. “Oh shit, TURN AROUND!.” Yells Paul as he Looks down at a team of soldiers fighting a horde of about 3000 zombies. “How did they all get there?!” He says. “I just got the word from base that they came from the presidential rally that was here when this started, it’s a fucking bloodbath down there.” Says the pilot. “Boooom!” In seconds the helicopter was filled with a toxic gas. “Shit that was the fuel tank, HOLD ON!” exclaims Paul. John covers Sam and Jack when he sees that the helicopter headed straight for the ground. “Quick, grab a parachute and let’s go!” Yells Paul. Seconds before it hits the ground the group dives out of the helicopter and deploys the parachutes.

They land on the roof of the hospital. “Where is the pilot?” asks Jack. John looks down and sees the pilots body hanging out of the smashed windows of the chopper. “What now?” asks Sam. “I don’t know.” Replies John. “What does this mean?” John asks Paul. “it means that this is bigger than we thought.” Explains Paul. “Ok, there is no way we are going down there tonight. But lets see what the hospital is looking like.” Exclaims John. “No, lets wait this out. I packed these parachute with emergency gear.” Exclaims Paul. “we start a fire, eat then go to sleep. And we get more weapons tomorrow, for now this is what we got.” Exclaims John as he pulls out the gear and weapons. “We have a big day ahead of us so get some sleep, your gonna need it.” Explains John.

Its 2 am in Albany where John and Jack give up on trying to fall asleep. “First time we have been safe in a four days.” Says John as he looks at the walkers below. “I wonder if my brother is doing ok.” Says Jack. “I’m sure he’s ok.” Says John. “What are we gonna do if they don’t clear out by tomorrow?” asks Jack. “I don’t know.” replies John. “I just don’t know.”

“Bluebird 01 do you copy? Over.”

“I copy, coming in for a landing here in about five minutes. Over.”

“Roger that, I will have the runway cleared asap. Over.”


Its 10:00 am on the roof and John checks the area below for walkers. “Most of them are gone, there are still at least 50 down there but this parking lot is about a mile long. We should have no problem at all.” Explains John as he looks down into the hospital parking lot.

“Ok heres the plan first we go to the helicopter and scavenge whatever we can. The hospital is to dangerous to stay in for long. Then we head for the neighborhood up there and check for houses with metal fences and a gate fully surrounding it. “John explains while showing the group the sign for a neighborhood called Pinewood Estates. “Jack you take my glock for now, it will be a good start for you, Sam you take the shotgun, and Paul you take the sniper, I’ll grab a gun from the helicopter.” John exclaims while handing out weapons and ammo.

John opens the roof access door and looks down the hallway. He closes the door and says “No way we are going through there, it looks like the entire herd is piled up in there.” He explains. “Now how do we get out of here?” asks Sam. “We have to climb down.” Says John as he notices a ladder leading to the front of the building.

John climbs down and tells the others to stay there. He slowly walks towards the helicopter and grabs a suppressed full auto m4 with forest camo, a laser sight and a holographic sight. He grabs so ammo and heads back to the ladder and helps the group down. Jack sees three walkers heading towards them. “don’t bother them just run they are very slow.” exclaims Paul. The group runs to the sign for Pinewood estates and continue to walk down the streets searching for a safe house to stay at.

“There.” Says Jack pointing at a large house surrounded by a wall of brick. “John walks up to the gate and sees that that there is a sign saying “on vacation see you soon.”

“Its perfect.” Says Sam. John shoots the lock and goes inside. The group walks up to the house. At the door John tells Paul to stay outside a keep watch. John Sam and Jack go inside the house. Jack closes the door.

“Hello?” Yells John. “We are alone.” He exclaims.

Outside Paul is sitting on the grass in front of the gate. He spots a spare lock and key next to the gate. He puts the spare lock on the gate and goes inside.

Down in the basement John finds a large gun safe and a lot of boards. “We need this.” Exclaims John. He borrows the shotgun and walks to the safe. He puts the gun up to the lock and pulls the trigger. The safe comes unlocked and John opens it and sees about twenty handguns, ten shotguns, fifteen assault rifles and three high powered sniper rifles. “Jackpot.” Says Paul as he sneaks up behind them. “I thought you were watching the gate.” Exclaims John. “I found a new lock for it.” Replies Paul. “Ok, that’s good.” Says John.

“Lets get some breakfast before we explore anymore.” Says Jack. “I haven’t eaten anything other than a half can of soup since day one.” He continues. “Sure lets see what this place has to eat.” Says John.

They all go upstairs and find the kitchen.

“This place is huge! And we haven’t even seen the entire thing yet.” Says Jack happily. John opens a door and sees a set of stairs.

He heads down by himself and stands at the bottom of the stairs and stares in front of his for a few seconds then walks back up and says to the group. “This is long term.

John shows the group the piles of non-perishable foods supplied in a room at the bottom of the stairs.

thanks for reading walkers: issue 2!

p.s next issue will be longer. i do these by each big event. thats where it ends. so the issues size will vary but always will be at least 15 pages.

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