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Chapter 1Edit

This is the story of a fifteen year old boy named John and his girlfriend named Samantha. John is a Caucasian male of about five to six feet tall, long brown hair about 6 inches or so, brown eyes and about 130 pounds.

Samantha is a Caucasian female of about five to six feet tall, sixteen years old with long blond hair, brown eyes and about 120 pounds.

We begin on the plane flight from John and Sam’s hometown in Nebraska to the metropolis of New York city where Johns grandparents plan to meet him and his girlfriend Sam. John has only seen his grandparents twice because they live in northern Canada. Sam has fallen asleep in the seat next to John. John however is

unable to sleep because of the noise of the plane.

As the plane nears the JFK International airport Sam wakes up and puts up her tray table. “How did you sleep?” asked John.

“Great, how about you?” replied Sam. “Not a minute all night, but I can handle it.” Said John.

“We will be landing in five minutes.” Stated a female of about fifty on the planes intercom.

As they approached the airport the voice on the intercom said there is a man walking on the airstrip and they cannot land just yet.

Five minutes later the man is reported to be insane and cannibalistic and has bit a chunk out of one of the security men trying to catch him.

Another five minutes pass and he has bit two

more men, at this point he is put down by a guard in order to prevent any more bites.

The airplane is finally able to land everyone was glad to be off the plane. John stopped at a bookstore in the airport to get Sam a book and drink for the cab ride to their hotel. On the way out of the airport they see three ambulances going by. John flags a cab and calls his grandparents to let them know he and Sam are there.

“Sheraton towers please.” Said john to the driver. About fifteen minutes in the ride, John and Sam see one of the ambulances crash into a wall and see blood spaying the back windows.

Sam screams and yells for the driver to speed up. When the driver tries to speed up the next ambulance crashes and a blood covered medic

Bolts out of the back of the ambulance, holding his gnashed up arm. As this happens a man in airport security gear jumps out and starts eating the medic. As the driver closes his window he is grabbed by a bloody man growling and biting him.

When John sees this he notices time square is just up ahead. He grabs Sam’s arm and leads her to the Sheraton towers in times square.

When he arrives he finds his grandparents as fast as possible and without saying a word he bolts to his room on floor 26 of the hotel and explains what just happened to his grandparents and says he would like to spend that night at the hotel.

“So there was a man eating other men out there?” asked Jim who is Johns grandfather.

“Yes.” Replied John. “How is Samantha dealing with this?” asked Jim. “She seems a little freaked out right now, I should go talk to her.”

Said John.

“Hey Sam, are you ok?” asked John “Yes I’m just a little scared.” Replied Sam. “Wanna go to bed?” asked John. “I want to take a minute to meet your grandparents first, then sure.” She said. She then began to introduce herself to Jim and Donna.

When she was done talking she said she is going to bed now. “We only have two beds so if you want we can get you a extra from downstairs.” Said Donna Johns grandmother.

“you can have the bed John.” Said Sam.

“No you take it ill sleep on the floor.”

Said John. Ok then if your sure.” Replied Sam.

“I’m sure.” Said John. “Goodnight Sam.” He said

“Goodnight John.” John and Sam fell asleep slowly as you would probably guess. But they after a while did.

Later that night John woke up to go to the bathroom when he heard sirens and saw lights flashing and moving around outside. About an hour after John fell back asleep Sam woke up and went to the bathroom and came back and saw lights and heard sirens, but they were not moving at all. She assumed everything was fine and went right back to sleep.


If you do the monsters will find you.

Mommy is not going to be herself in a little bit same with daddy. You have to be strong, ok?

Wait for someone to come here and help you.”

Chapter 2Edit

As John and Sam sleep the military starts land locking any infected areas. News reports are saying the cannibalistic people are not people anymore, and that anyone infected is to be put down immediately. At 6 am television broadcasts start going off the air, people are advised to take shelter in a locked secure office, bank, house or even a prison.

The last broadcast said this. “Anyone left watching this in the blocked out areas should find a weapon then food, medicine and shelter.

The military is shutting down all television broadcasts New York city for quote classified reasons.

Everyone should do this actually.” Said the reporter. “The reason why is because we all have the—zkzkzkzkkzzkkzzkzk.” That’s when the city of New York became dead silent… forever.

Outside the hotel screams are heard every few minutes. At about 10 am, John woke up and turned on the tv and saw static, so he looked at the clock and saw 10:04 am. When he saw this he noticed that he was late for the museum tour with his grandparents.

John proceeded to wake up Sam and take a shower. While john was in the shower Sam decided to leave the room to buy a soda but forgot to grab a key. When she leaves the room she sees blood everywhere, She proceeds down the hallway to see if anyone injured themselves and needs help. When Sam walks down the hallway she sees a man being eaten, she tries to be quiet and walk away un-harmed.

John finishes him shower and notices that Sam is gone, so he starts searching the room to see if she left a note or something. “Ahhhhhhh!!!!”

John comes barreling out of the room and sees a man of about forty holding a gun to Sam’s face. “Drop your weapons!” The man said. “I don’t want to hurt her but I will if I have to!” he exclaims in a noticeably bluffing tone. “Please don’t hurt her?” asks John “and we don’t have any weapons.” He continues. “bullshit” Says the man.

After a few minutes of trying to say they don’t have weapons the man says “Ok, then empty your pockets and put your hands in the air.”

John and Sam does as he asks. The man proceeds to check the two for weapons. “Wow, sorry fellas, I feel terrible about this, but gotta be careful while walking around right now, you understand.” He exclaims. “What are you talking about?” John asks. “Looters, bandits, ect.” “Can you believe that stuff started in the first 12 hours? “Amazing how fast people turn from caring and nice to self absorbed and evil killers.” “Guess you could say that about the bitten too, huh?” replies the man in a friendly tone. “What? I don’t understand, first 12 hours of what? What the hell are the bitten? And now we can stand up I hope?”

“First the part I can answer quickly, yes you can stand up.” John and Sam stand up. “Second, first 12 hours of the biters. And what are the bitten? You know that.” he says. John and Sam stare at the man in confusion. “You do know about the biters, right?” the man asks. “Nothing at all.”

Over the next few minutes the man starts explaining everything to John and Sam. “So now I hope you can forgive me for my harsh greeting.” He says. “Of course” replies Sam. “We should probably get you kids a weapon.”He says. “Ok” Says John “Oh, by the way my name is William, call me Will.” He says.

“I’m John this is Samantha.”

“This one looks dead” Says Will as he pokes at a zombie with the tip of his shotgun. “Here all he has is a knife, ill take it you take the gun, your kids, you need it more than I do.” Exclaims Will. “Thank you.” replies John. “ahhh!” Screams Will as he is bit on his ankle. “Here take the knife, I have no chance.”

Sam grabs the knife. “Thank you for everything Will.” Exclaims John and Sam. “GO, NOW, before he gets you too!!!” says Will. John proceeds to shoot the zombie in the head. And then asks Will if he would like the same. “yes” says Will. John puts Will down before he becomes a zombie.

Mommy? Is that you?....................................GRRRRRRRR.



Chapter 3Edit

Back in the room, John and Sam gather clothes, food and anything else they might need.

“Ok, so here is us.” Says John as he points to a hotel map. “We need to head for the elevator and go to ground level, then we head for the first empty car we see with keys in it.” Exclaims John. “Ok, sounds like a plan” replies Sam. “Ok then grab everything of use in here then we leave.” John says.

John and Sam leave the room and proceed down the hallway, as they approach the elevator they see two walkers eating a older man.

“I got em.” Says John as he pumps his shotgun.


John and Sam head into the elevator and hit the button for floor one. When they get down to the lobby John tells Sam to wait there and stay quiet.

John leaves the elevator and sees the lobby filled with walkers. “fuck!” John says while he walks back to the elevator. “What Is it?” Asks Sam. “The lobby is full of about fifty to one hundred walkers.” Replies John as he hits the button for floor 26. “Why are we going back up?” Sam asks. “We need weapons and also we need a way out without going through the lobby.” Answers John.

Back at the room Samantha looks out the window and searches for a fire escape or some kind of alternate exit while John searches the other rooms for weapons. While John is searching rooms he finds a flashlight. “this should be useful” John says to himself as he uses it to help him search.

“Damb it, there has to be some other way out of here.” Says Sam while scanning the side of the building. Across the road she spots a gun store.

John while looking through his fifth room finds a sniper rifle with a box of 50 bullets 38. cal. “Bingo.” He says as he packs the ammo in a bag. “One more room and I think I’m done.” He says to himself.

In the next room he finds a police uniform with a glock 17 and a tazer. John grabs the weapons and puts on the serifs hat. “dad?” Says a figure hidden in a closet. “Is that you?” The voice continues. John advances towards the closet door. “Hello?” Replies john to the voice. Suddenly John is grabbed on the shoulder by a walker and pulled to the ground. “Shit!” John says as he reaches for the shotgun. John manages to escape the walkers grasp and notices a second one. “Where did you come from?” He says. John pumps the shotgun and shoots them both in the head. John looks down at them and sees that one was bitten and was female and the other has slit wrists and no bite and was a male. “What the hell?” says John. “Are you ok” Asks the voice which John can now tell is coming from a younger child. “Yes.” Answers John. John walks to the door and opens it.

Back at the room Sam sees a antenna on the building across the street and gets a idea. Suddenly John comes back in the room with a little boy about four-five feet tall with brown hair about three inches or so and blue eyes, and Caucasian. “Who is that?” Asks Sam. “My name is Jack.” Says the little boy. “Wheres your mom and dad? Sam asks him. I don’t know, last time I saw them they put me in a closet and told me to stay there.” Replies Jack. John suddenly realizes that the walkers he killed were Jacks parents. “Jack. I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing here, but, I think you have the right to know.” Jack looks at John and says. “The two dead people you killed were my parents?” “I think so” Replies John. “I had a feeling that was them.” Says Jack. “Can I follow you guys?” He asks. “Of course.” Answers John. “How old are you Jack?” Asks Sam. “nine. Well ten, my birthday is tomorrow.” Jack says. “That’s cool.” Says Sam. “Have you found a way out?” asks John. “No.” She says. “Ok, we’ll look tomorrow. We should be able to see better with this.” Says John as he takes out the sniper rifle. Wait, I did find something if you have ammo for that.” Says Sam.

“See that antenna out there? Well if you shoot the two legs near the edge of the building it should fall on top of the hotel and create a bridge.” Exclaims Sam. “Great idea” Replies John. “Now that we have a third person with us we should get a few weapons from the gun store at the bottom.” Says Sam. “Ok that’s the plan. We should probably get some rest before heading out.” Exclaims John. “We need our rest.” He continues. John, Sam and Jack find some canned soup in the room next to them, they eat the soup then go to bed.

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